Serving in Island Storms

One of the things I had to learn about ministering in St. Vincent is you cannot always see the storms coming. Occasionally, you will experience what I like to call an “island storm” that comes out of nowhere (sometimes with a blue sky outside) and only lasts a few minutes. More than once I’ve been caught without an umbrella by an island storm, and had to run for shelter.

The Christian life is like an island storm. Usually you can see a trial coming from a distance over the mountains, however other times it takes you completely by surprise.

Because an island storm can come at pretty much any time, I’ve had to learn to always be prepared for them

Being prepared for a physical island storm means having a good umbrella and some waterproof boots

Being prepared for a spiritual island storm means having Faith in God’s agenda, and a close walk with Him.

And more than anything it means not allowing that storm to stop God’s Work

Last Tuesday was a morning of not island storms, but very heavy rain. This not only complicated my tract outreach, but visitation with a lady who lived nearby since we would meet on her porch. Honestly I was tempted to just call things off, but decided to go out anyways.

With the Lords help I was able to pass out a lot more tracts than usual since there were large groups of people finding shelter, and read through John two with the lady and her husband holding the Bible in one hand, and an umbrella in the other 🙂

Later on that day when the sun had finally come out I was reminded just how easily Satan is able to stop the work of God. He will give us countless reasons why we can obey the Lord “tomorrow” (of course, it doesn’t happen tomorrow either).

But when we ignore Satan’s excuses, grab and umbrella, and put on our boots, God still gets the Glory!

May the Lord help us realize circumstances don’t have to be perfect in order for His work to get completed. He just needs people willing to serve in imperfect circumstances.

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