Feed Your Body as well as Your Mind

Last month I was listening to a book by Jordan Peterson when he said something that really made me think. According to him, many of the people who come for help with depression or anxiety issues suffered from improper sleeping habits, and lack of proper nutrition like a healthy breakfast. Interestingly once they start the day with proper sleep and protein filled breakfast instead of sugar bombs (lucky charms is my personal favorite) most of their symptoms could be dealt with in a proper manner.

While I don’t agree with Jordan Peterson on every issue since he is an unbeliever, he does have a point here. The idea is that our bodies are meant to fueled by meals, breakfast especially since its the first meal of the day. Because of this we must be very careful to fuel our bodies with something that gives consistent and sustained energy.

Things like proteins, or complex carbs (healthy cereals, grains) take a longer time to break down into our blood-stream bring a sustained energy. My beloved lucky charms however which is mostly sugar goes straight into energy, but as you know ends up running out a few hours later. In other words, fueling my body with the wrong thing (sugary or processed foods) had a direct impact upon my energy level for ministry.

The more I thought about this the more I realized your spiritual life is affected deeply by your eating habits.

In the past my eating habits weren’t great at all. Its not necessarily the fact that I ate junk food, but my pattern of eating was all messed up. I’d normally skip breakfast almost completely since I didn’t feel hungry (maybe a small bowl of cereal) and then run out of energy by around 10:30 or 11:00. Lunch was a little better, by often still too small because I didn’t “feel hungry” or was “too busy” to eat it. As you can imagine I ended up eating ridiculous amounts of food late at night which led to weight gain.

Instead of this I began about a month ago to plan out healthy meals or snacks every two hours or so, beginning with a fried egg at about 6:30. The funny thing is I don’t “feel hungry” while frying that egg, but eat it in about five minutes! So even though my mind told me “your not hungry” my body actually was.

Another way I’ve found changing my eating habits has helped is I don’t find myself in what I call “the danger zone.” Our bodies when it runs out of nutrients will begin giving off warning signals through weakness, headaches, or other physical symptoms. In a way thats our bodies way of saying “you need to eat now!” In the past I ate heavily when my warning signals went off. However this didn’t lead to sustained energy, but just laziness since it would take time to break all of that food down into energy.

Instead of waiting for the warning signals its better to fuel on complex foods such as cereals like muesli and vegetables during the day even few hours. This way you have consistent energy to do the Lords work.

I’m grateful for the Lord showing me the importance of having healthy eating patterns. Its reminded me that my mind is not meant to be filled with the worlds trash through tv, social media websites, and the internet. But at the same time my mind cannot be filled with trash like unhealthy eating patterns, or processed foods.

May the Lord help me remember a Godly ministry calls for you to care for your mind, and your body

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