Shutting Down Carnival

In April because of the col-19 virus, the Vincentian government called off “Carnival” which is a two-week party filled with many different events occurring in July. Personally I like the idea of carnival being cancelled because for many people its an excuse to get drunk, and dance with very little clothing on. To replace the normal holiday that takes place during carnival, the Government gave a four day weekend from Saturday (August 1st) to yesterday (August 4th).

I went with a friend to pick up his Aunt and Cousin on Friday, then on the way back was shocked to find traffic completely blocked up for miles.

Of course you can probably guess what happened….

people created their own carnival

Along the way home we saw

  1. Multiple people dancing in the street
  2. Three parties
  3. women loudly arguing before one threw a bottle at the other
  4. And a funeral which quickly became an after-party of people standing in the road celebrating

Seeing people act this way breaks my heart since it illustrates an unsaved persons way of life very well. They are always looking for the next party or reason to get drunk and celebrate.

While this heartbreak is good it doesn’t actually go far enough. Carnival and other parties are just symptoms of a deeper problem. They are trying to fill a God-sized hole with temporary things.

After Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden by God, they were forced to live separately from Him. While our sin-nature encourages us to always live independently from the Lord relying upon our own strength the truth is that independent life will never satisfy. There will always be something deep inside of us that we know is missing.

The normal response to this is to fill that longing with things. It may not be as obvious as partying on the side of the road, but anytime we turn to anything other than God for our fulfillment it is sin. Temporarily those things can indeed fill our deep need, but of course the emphasis there is the word “temporarily.” Soon we will be looking for our next “fix” or party to feel good again.

Because this issue is about what a person worships (do they find hope in themselves or God). It’s necessary to deal with the heart of the matter instead of symptoms.

Please understand I have no problem preaching against carnival, and things that happen there. But Friday reminded me the problem of immorality and sinfulness can’t be fixed by dealing with the symptoms of the problem (cancelling carnival). They will just find another way to party.

The only hope of ending this kind of lifestyle is to show Christ offers something better than the world can every give.

It is only through Salvation and a close walk with Christ that the heart of the problem can truly be dealt with. Only those who know the peace and contentment of having their sins forgiven will realize the foolishness of trying to make yourselves happy. Its for those who have experienced the joy and strength that comes through Christ that will see the worlds inability to satisfy, Its only those who have tasted the living water of Christ can know the worlds trash could never compare.

So we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ….

allow the Holy Spirit to convict hearts…..

And with the Lords help live a testimony before them of Godly integrity

Again this doesn’t mean we don’t challenge others to be separate from the world. But this challenge begins by explaining our idolatrous hearts will never be satisfied till our God-sized hole is filled by Christ.

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