Rebuilding a Daily Rhythm

The alarm went off what I felt for sure was way too early this morning. Wish I could tell you that I responded by getting myself out of bed, but instead hit the snooze alarm twice, and all my will-power kept it from being pressed for a third time.

It didn’t used to be that way…

About a month ago I had a “rhythm” or series of habits in place that got me out of bed on time every day. That same rhythm helped me accomplish massive amounts of study every morning, and ministry during the day since I never had to stop and wonder what to do next. My body and mind instinctively knew the next task, and did it

Three-weeks ago my daily rhythm was changed since I started teaching at a local Bible college. Suddenly 6:45 was for packing the car and driving instead of sermon-prep.

This didn’t seem like a huge deal to me because it was an important ministry, and I would fall back into my former rhythm….of course I was very wrong.

On average an activity takes three to five weeks in order to become an ingrained habit. The negative side of this is if you don’t practice that habit for three or four weeks, it is broken.

Once a rhythm has been broken it is like your starting all over again. The smallest decision that used to come as second nature like getting out of bed without hitting the snooze alarm now takes every ounce of our energy. It’s easy to become frustrated with this and give up because its too hard to “rebuild” those habits all over again.

While rebuilding a life of habits is difficult, its well worth the effort put in. Because that rhythm ensures your life is effective, and efficient. We are called by the Lord to live in a way that denies our fleshly lusts or sin nature. This refers to fighting the temptation to lie or steal, but it also means fighting the temptation to stay in bed instead of getting to work. Its as we use self-discipline in the smaller day to day areas of life that we can exert it in the larger areas.

So with conscious will-power I with the help of God begin rebuilding the daily ministry rhythm brick by brick. Knowing that results won’t show up overnight, but over time God will be glorified by faithful effectiveness.

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