As the Door Slowly Closes

This morning a young girl stopped by my front gate on the way back from a shop and asked if I had any papers [what they call tracts here]. I gave her four, and after saying thank you she started walking home. probably reading one along the way.

It’s a wonderful thing how people in the community of Barrouallie love to read tracts. People will wait for me to come by each day with one then read, and pass them out to others. They will take one that I’ve already given them three or four times and still read it. Its gotten to the point I cannot carry them near a school because it would draw a massive crowd of children, each demanding a tract.

This openness to Gospel material is a great blessing, but also a great responsibilty

A great blessing because almost everyone will take a Gospel tract

A great responsibility because eventually that open door will close

When I first came to Barrouallie EVERYONE took a tract. I can remember the shock on a church members face the first time someone told me they didn’t want a tract when we were out on visitation on a Sunday afternoon. Over time though that has changed. Today almost every day there is someone who doesn’t want a tract. They don’t do this in anger or spite, but its still proof the Vincentian people are slowly becoming less and less open to the Gospel.

Because of this, we must use the open door God has given to the best of our ability.

The tempting thing when having an open door is to listen to Satan as he says “things will always be this way, there will be plenty of time to share the Gospel later.” But the Lord would have us pour our heart soul into reaching others with the short time we have left.

There will come a day sooner than I think when children will no longer come by asking for tracts

So I got more [ordering 2,000 Saturday] and give out the Gospel to all who will listen in preparation for the day when they won’t

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