The Most Precious Thing in My Christmas Barrel

Every year about this time I ship items to my home through online shopping (Amazon loves me this time of year) that will be packed into barrels, and then shipped to Saint Vincent by boat.

The first few years I was incredibly excited about the things I’d get in the barrel that were more expensive here (high quality coffee, electronics, books) but this year I am more excited about things in the barrel that I will be giving away.

I count it a privilege to live in a community where individuals not only take tracts, but read them (often re-reading them days later). It’s also a blessing to see how many people in Barrouallie treasure reading from their Bibles. While I do understand how digital Bibles on a tablet or phone makes them easier to read, its my opinion their a poor substitute for a physical copy of the Bible.

Sadly many Vincentians struggle reading their Bibles because the intense heat and direct sunlight over time takes a serious toll on their eyes. For many of them its incredibly difficult to read a regular print (what they call fine print) Bible. It is possible to find big print Bibles in Saint Vincent, but they end up being expensive, and aren’t very good quality.

With the Lords help I have been able to purchase a number of big print Bibles from the States that can either be given out for free, or purchased for a small fee like $5. I have tried to keep things quiet about the shipment because supplies are very limited, and give to those who are truly in need, but word has gotten out. I’ve already promised almost every one of the Bibles that are coming!

This experience has reminded me just how blessed many of us are to have multiple Bibles within our homes that we can read. There are some who like those in SVG cannot get a Bible they can properly read, and others that may not even have the ability to read, or cannot obtain a Bible in their language.

In my house there are at least five or six Bibles (I’ve given away others, including two study Bibles) which is indeed a wonderful blessing. Yet I can’t help but notice how much more precious those big print Bibles are to those who may not have others.

A few months ago I had a man asking me for a big print Bible. I told him that I didn’t think I had any more, but would search the house. The look of excitement in his eyes when I came back with one and the way he held it to his chest showed just how precious it was to him. He told me later that he even sleeps with it, even if he wasn’t serious about that, there is an obvious love for that Bible.

Tomorrow morning my barrels should leave their port in Miami and start the journey to SVG. With the Lords help, they will arrive in early November, and I will get them by the fourteenth. On the day those barrels arrive I will be excited about my new supply of coffee, but I’ll be more excited about being able to hand deliver those Bibles, and see the smiles on peoples faces.

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