The Sin of a Random Life

Last week the Lord convicted me about about a sin that had been slowly growing stronger in my life. It had gotten to the point where it seriously affected my personal walk with the Lord, and if it wasn’t dealt with would directly affect ministry.

it was the sin a random life

The random life is one that has little structure within in it. Instead of having things carefully scheduled out, you spend lots of time wondering what to do next. Even worse this lack of structure leads to a life without discipline….over time you know what you should be doing, but simply don’t do it.

My random life centered on getting away from specific habits that helped with effectiveness

  1. A healthy eating plan that emphasized eating at regular intervals
  2. Setting aside time for reading books
  3. Using social media as a “teaching tool” through blogging and devotional videos
  4. Deeper Bible study through meditation on Biblical principles
  5. And organizing my day into a detailed schedule using lists to get things done efficiently

As frustrating as the realization of my sin of randomness was, I’m thankful for the lords reminder that self-discipline is an absolute necessity in the Christian life.

There are those who feel that self-discipline is a sinful thing and any kind of effort goes against the Grace of God. But the truth is the Lord calls us to a life of discipline.

  1. A life that chooses to invest time in things that challenge the mind instead of entertainment
  2. A life that doesn’t wait until you “feel” like doing the right thing (because you never will)
  3. A life that chooses the hard road over the easy road
  4. And a life that chooses excellence over a “that will do” work ethic

It is true that this is accomplished through the Holy Spirit…but there is some effort involved on our part.

Last Wednesday I brought my daily life back under discipline by revolving around spiritual disciplines or Godly habits. It is tough rebuilding a life of self-discipline (especially when we have allowed laziness to creep in) but the effort put forth will bring forth fruit that will glorify God.

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