Emphasizing the “Internal Journey”

Saturday I finished re-reading “The Conviction to Lead” by Albert Mohler. It remains one of my favorite books, while also being one of the most convicting. Dr. Mohler writes short powerful chapter that emphasize beliefs or “convictions” that must drive a leader.

The challenge of the book is it speaks of leadership or authority that doesn’t flow out of position, but character and integrity.

There are many quotes from the book that could illustrate this point, but my favorite is from a chapter called “Leadership and Credibility

“When you enter the room, trust and confidence had better endure with you. If not, leadership is not happening.” pg. 84

He goes on to explain that trust and confidence is something earned through credibility (the combination of character and competence). Respect is given to those leaders who have proven themselves over long periods of time through self-discipline, integrity, and hard work.

The convicting power of this book comes from its reminder that personal character is a very important part of ministry.

Its incredibly easy to focus on what Dr. Andrew Davis calls “the external journey” which refers to active ministry or activity, while overlooking or ignoring the “internal journey” of personal discipline and sanctification. This can lead to Christians who are very busy, but don’t have the character to lead

The Conviction to Lead challenged me to return to a life of self-discipline and emphasis on Godly habits instead of activity (you can read more here). In a deeper sense it was the Lords way of reminding me those who aren’t take part in the internal journey, will never take part in the external journey

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