A Bright Light in a Dark Place

Since Friday, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been filled with Christians who are venting frustrations with the results of last weeks US election, and announcing their departure from popular social media sites.

This frustration is understandable since the the Biden/Harris campaign has made clear they will remove religious liberty for Churches as well as Christian Universities. At the same time Facebook and Twitter have begun to call beliefs that are part of a Christian worldview such as abortion being murder “hate speech”.

Regardless of the results of this election, there is little question the door of “religious liberty” is closing quickly.

By saying “religious liberty” I’m referring to a Believers ability to confidently share what the Word of God teaches without fear of being censured. Of course this doesn’t excuse things such as homophobia, or racism which are clearly sin. I honestly don’t expect everyone to agree with my beliefs, but I do expect to have the opportunity to share them without being attacked.

Though the frustration is understandable however, in my opinion the mass exodus from popular social media is wrong.

As a missionary I had the opportunity to live in Melbourne Australia for almost four years. It was a wonderful experience for me, and to be honest a part of me will always be there. One of the more interesting blessings of Australia is it wasn’t a “Christian nation.” Please don’t take that to mean they don’t care about the things of God. Some of the strongest churches and most faithful believers I ever met live in Melbourne! Instead the Australian culture doesn’t really think about God that much.

Interestingly, that become one of my favorite things about living in Melbourne. Because when you live out a Godly testimony in a culture that doesn’t emphasize the Gospel, it draws attention

America today is becoming an extremely non-christian nation that, instead of not thinking about God, will directly attack Christian beliefs.

Things are becoming increasingly dark….

But thats okay….

because it just makes the light shine brighter

I understand the desire to have the freedom to share your beliefs online and not be attacked about it. But dear friends this is a time when God would have us proclaim the light of the Gospel from the rooftops instead of retreating.

  1. This means social media is a tool about sharing Gods truth instead of getting lots of “likes”
  2. It also means focusing on what Scripture says. I realize there is political corruption, but in my humble opinion we are talking a lot about the election (which God is sovereignly in control of by the way) and not much about our Saviour
  3. It means having thick skin. Religious liberty doesn’t mean you have to agree with me or like what I say.
  4. And it means talking about what truly matters; Salvation, your relationship with God, eternal security

There will come a day when I’ll move over to other sites (maybe someday soon). But until then I will proclaim what Scripture says and by Gods grace shine brighter than ever.

I beg you to shine with me.

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