Embracing the Worst-Case Scenario

A few weeks ago I was on my way to teach at a Bible College with a church member (giving him a ride to work) when we heard a strange sound from my car. A moment later the “check engine” light came on, and seconds after that almost all car itself died.

After visiting two mechanics, a part replacement, and a servicing my car was running as good as new. That is until the next morning when I was running to town with the same friend and the car completely died on us again! We tried to get it to his house nearby, but every bump in the road led to us stalling.

As he ran to the house for some tools, I started to pray. To be honest I had a bad attitude at first since the day before already had its share of vehicle trouble. What truly frustrated me was the idea of not having my car for an extended period of time. This normally wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I still had another week of class at the Bible College. This meant taking two public transportation vans to class, and two back from class.

It was definitely possible to do this, but it’s definitely not something I wanted to do.

Thankfully as I prayed the Lord convicted me about my frustration and then through the leading of the Holy Spirit asked a question….

What if I want you to lose the car?

That question got me to thinking. It is possible that the worst case scenario, the thing that I absolutely dread, could be the Will of God?

Though it was tough I stood on the side of the road that Saturday morning and gave God my car. By the time my friend returned with his tools, I’d come to terms with living without a car for an extended amount of time.

I’m incredibly grateful that we were able to fix the electrical problem, and there have been no problems since. But that morning wasn’t about the car, as much as it was my submitting to the worst-case scenario.

We all have anxiety in our hearts. Often that anxiety comes from our envisioning the worst thing that could possibly happen (in my case serious car trouble, and being without my vehicle for weeks). We spend lots of time fighting or avoiding that scenario, which simply adds to the anxiety.

But what if that thing you dread is the Will of God?

It wasn’t easy for me to “give up my car” that Saturday morning, but I can tell you there was an incredible sense of peace in my heart from that point on. Even if I’d be without a car now that peace would still be strong. This got me to thinking, “how much anxiety comes into my life simply because I won’t accept the worst-case scenario as God’s Will?”

My friend whatever that thing you dread is embrace it….

Because its only as we submit to the plan of God (whatever it may be) that God will bring peace.

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