It’s Okay to Ask for Help

For the last few weeks I’ve been waiting for a barrel of ministry tools and some personal times to arrive. The closer last Thursday got (the day would arrive) the more excited I became. Since then I’ve expected a call from a Christian friend who works at the customs port, she always contacts me when a barrel arrives.

When the call hadn’t come by yesterday I was starting to get concerned. So I called her and confirmed my fears, the barrel was not on last weeks shipment.

Missionaries are trained to be “problem solvers” who deal with issues mostly on their own. This doesn’t mean they don’t work with a team of course, but for the most part, they are accustomed of personally taking care of whatever needs arise.

There will always be those moments however when a problem arises you cannot fix…

In these moments you contact friends who can help you with your problem.

Which in my case is Mom and Dad 🙂

A few texts was followed up by a quick FaceTime video call with my father who contacted the company that shipped my barrels, and found they didn’t have enough room on the boat for my items. About thirty-minutes later, I learned the barrel will be on the boat today, and will probably arrive next Thursday.

Yesterdays experience reminded me that no matter how talented you are, there always needs to be a support team.

In more basic terms…its okay to ask for help.

Sadly because of mankind’s fallen sin-natures it’s necessary to keep our personal struggles or problems private. There are individuals who will take that personal information and share it with everyone else, or use that information to their advantage.

Because of this, it’s easy to become a very private person who deals with their own issues, and never asks for help. This is an unhealthy way to live though, because the problems we cannot fix don’t come up very often. So the stress and drama of life will fall squarely on your shoulders.

The Godly response to this problem is having a group of very close friends who you can trust completely. Then when things become tough share your struggles with them, or ask to help.

Being in the ministry makes it especially important to have a “support team” of trusted friends who you can turn to in times of need. Its an incredible blessing to ask my parents for help in my mid-forties. Many people don’t have that luxury.

The thing about a support team is they must be in place BEFORE your time of need. Otherwise in your time of desperation, there will be nowhere to turn.

I am grateful that my parents were able to help in my time of need. And at the same time, I’m grateful the Lord has raised up a community of trusted friends who can help with my smaller needs as well as my desperate ones.

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