Life Without Masks

Last March I, along with the rest of the world, witnessed our day to day lives completely change because of the COVID 19 virus. From being locked down, to social-distancing with masks, and a “new normal” its easy to wonder if things will ever be back to where they were pre-COVID.

I have mixed emotions when it comes to the pandemic because my heart goes out to the family and friends in America as well as other Countries who struggle with restrictions. At the same time, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has almost no cases, and have had ZERO deaths due to COVID.

The truth is I felt sort of guilty in a way since so many other Countries were dealing with massive deaths, and closing their borders, while Vincentians freely walk in the community without masks. After thinking about it though, my attitude turned to one of gratefulness, and renewed focus to take advantage of the freedom SVG offered.

Reading updates from friends has made me think a lot about an important truth…

You don’t miss freedom till it’s gone.

In the pre-COVID times, being able to sit down at a favorite restaurant with friends was something you just took for granted. So was meeting at your church without fear or anxiety about getting sick, and having a house full of family members on Thanksgiving day.

It is possible to do these things today in even with the COVID restrictions, but it is a lot more difficult

In a personal way this is a challenge for me to use the open door for ministry both in regards to physical freedom [no restrictions], and religious freedom.

It’s very easy living in a Country like SVG to believe things will never change

  1. I’ll always be able to pass out tracts in the morning
  2. people will always view big-print bibles as a blessing
  3. Church will always be able to hold services without social-distancing
  4. School will always start with the Lords prayer, and a bible lesson

But the truth is, someday that freedom will be gone

So every day of freedom must be used to its fullest

My heart indeed breaks for family and friends in America and other countries who have to embrace the “new normal.” But the pandemic also reminds us just how precious our freedom is. May the Lord bring healing to Nations so that things can return to the pre-pandemic life soon. And once that happens, may we have a new appreciation for that freedom.

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