A Time for Relaxation and Luxury

While ministering in the community yesterday, I couldn’t help but be a bit distracted. While most of my mind was on visitation and bible studies, part of it was on a barrel and box that was supposed to reach customs yesterday.

Once every year barrels can be sent at a cheaper concession price during the Christmas season. This means I’ll be able to ship over certain “luxuries” such as American coffee that isn’t called “Folgers” or “Maxwell House”, clothes, electronics, and food that either cannot be obtained here, or its too expensive.

The interesting thing is being in SVG has taught me many of the things that I enjoy do fall into the “luxury” category. In other words, they are things that I can honestly live without. Most of the time drinking a cheaper brand of coffee doesn’t really bother me [though you need to use creamer sometimes] but in the weeks leading up to my Christmas barrel, I always get excited about drinking nicer coffee again.

and thats okay……

Because luxury items should never be something that we worship, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them as a reward.

A temptation in the christian life is not take time for relaxation or to reward yourself. Because there is always more work to be done, its incredibly easy to become a workaholic spending all day hustling from one place to another. Then you collapse exhausted into bed, and rise early, ready to do it all over again.

God is indeed honored with a disciplined work ethic, but He is also honored when we take the time to care for ourselves.

In its extreme view, the workaholic views any rest or relaxation as “laziness” and constantly tells you to “work harder.” This reveals a very sinful attitude which relies upon your own power or strength instead of Gods. While taking the burdens of life upon ourselves and fixing them looks humble, it also displays a lack of faith in the Lord.

It’s better to have times of quiet rest and relaxation with luxuries like good coffee. Its possible that you won’t get everything on your list done, but personal health [both physical and emotional] is more important than short-term effectiveness.

So work hard my friend in a focused way

but after a hard day of work find time for quiet relaxation

Brew that extra pot of coffee

sit down with a book

Eat that bowl of ice-cream

and do it without guilt, because we know God is the one who accomplishes the work instead of us

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