When Ministry cannot be “cheap”

A few months ago I was talking with students about a Biblical view of money during our “Life of Christ” class. In that conversation I told them that I’m a very “cheap” person.

I explained that when it came to my personal needs I lived on a little as possible so that more funds can be given to help other in greater need, or those funds can be put into ministry. Of course you cannot live cheaply on certain essentials like medicine or food, but it is interesting how much money you can save with a frugal life.

For instance, carrying around a thermos of ice water with a little of lemon juice in it so you don’t buy soft drinks makes a big difference.

While living cheaply [or simply as I call it] does help you give towards others, there are things that you cannot be cheap about when it comes to ministry.

For me personally, there are are three things I’ll pay lots of money for because they are integral to ministry:

  1. Electronics: Smartphone, laptop
  2. Shoes: I do a LOT of walking in the community!
  3. And a backpack: Because much of my work is done locally, a backpack is a daily necessity

Over the years I’ve even gotten to the point where I’ll only buy a certain brand of those products

  1. Apple phones: I realize they are incredibly expensive, but love how easy they are to use
  2. Columbia shoes: I’ve used Columbia boots since 2019, and they hold up wonderfully. The black pair you see in the header pic will be two-years old next month
  3. And SOG backpacks: I gave away my beloved green backpack which will be two-years old this Christmas to a friend [got a new one yesterday]. It recently developed a rip, but once thats sewn back, will last for a very long time.
  4. Honorable mention goes to Yeti tumblers which keeps my water cold in hot conditions

The point of the matter is its okay to purchase high quality items, because those items will strengthen your daily ministry.

To put it simply…..ministry done properly is expensive

The challenge is to find a balance when it comes to finances

  • Because I need a high quality pair of boots, a bottle of coke is a luxury
  • Because I need an expensive backpack, I cook at home instead of eating out
  • Because I need [or want] good electronic tools, I drink lemon water

The simple life is difficult sometimes. But on the day when you put on those new boots, or pull out that new backpack, it will all be worth it.

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