Missions is….listening to what edifies

A few weeks ago I received a pair of wireless headphones (they look like Apple AirPods but cost 20$). They are used for when I’m working around the house, or driving since my radio is broken. Last week a friend flagged me down as I was driving by and seeing the wireless headphone in my ear said “oh wow”!

She may have been wondering what I was listening to on those headphones….

it was a sermon John Macarthur preached in 1981

With the use of smartphones that use data and Christian radio or sermon applications, it has never been easier to fill our minds with the Word of God. Of course having a wealth of Bible knowledge at our fingertips is a great privilege, but it’s also a great responsibility.

Sadly with all of the edifying things we can listen to or watch, we fill our mind with things that don’t edify:

  1. News or political programming that comes from a media bias
  2. Facebook or twitter videos
  3. Netflix, or any other streaming service
  4. And Television

Now I’m not totally against these things. I have a Netflix account, and listen to political podcasts are well as tv programs. However, these things usually aren’t edifying.

Edifying truth in my opinion is “anything that draws me closer to God.”

the thing is we need to keep up on the news, and relax watching a favourite program that honours christian values. But the majority of our time must be spent listen to things that teach the truths of Scripture, and therefore draw us closer to God.

I have to think of my mind in terms of having a healthy diet. Its not bad to eat chips or drink a coke occasionally, but a diet made up only of junk food will affect you physically. In the same way relaxing on the couch watching a program at the end of the day is okay, but that must be the dessert at the end of a day filled with solid Biblical teaching.

A helpful principle is, for every hour I spend on something non-edifying [tv, Netflix, news] two hours must be spent on something edifying:

  1. Christian radio
  2. Solid Bible preaching
  3. an audiobook that challenges your spiritual life
  4. Listening to the Bible in an audio form
  5. and reading either Scripture, or challenging Christian books

the truly interesting thing is the more time you spend listening to or reading edifying things, the less you will want to watch those things that aren’t. In the same way that a well cooked steak makes potato chips look terrible in comparison, the more we feast on Gods Word the less the what the world offers will tempt us.

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