Missions is Redeeming Free-Time

Last summer I got extremely convicted during a three-week class at Bible College. The interesting thing is the class itself didn’t convict me, but what I was listening to while traveling. My time on the road was spent listening to audiobook versions “Deep Work” and “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport.

While both were convicting, Digital Minimalism helped me realise how cell-phones and technology such as Facebook and Twitter demand our time. On a personal level, I understood just how much my life revolves around checking things on my phone.

Smart-phones are an incredible blessing from God because they put an amazing amount of technology. However they are also a curse, because in free moments, we instinctively reach for them.

That conviction led to what Newport calls a “social media detox” which for me meant deleting my Facebook and twitter apps.

The amazing thing is I honestly didn’t know what to do with free moments like standing in line at the bank without social media.

The answer to that problem was carrying physical books.

Instinctively I began to reach for a physical book (one less screen to look at it) or my small Bible whenever any free moments came up. It took a few weeks to get started with the habit, but before long I was reading a ridiculous amount each day, and learning a lot.

Often we forget just how much free time we have in life

  1. Waiting in line
  2. Breaks at work
  3. Time in the car waiting for another event
  4. The early morning or late evening hours
  5. Getting to an appointment early
  6. or waiting for children/friends to finish something so we can drive them back

It is only ten to fifteen minutes at a time…but they add up trust me

Our calling as Christians is to “redeem” free moments so they are spent drawing closer to God instead of staring at screens.

To be honest, I feel off the wagon when it came to redeeming free moments in September. This led to making two distinct changes:

  1. Deleting my Facebook app again…I use my internet browser on my phone
  2. And beginning to read Kindle books, which are more convenient than physical books

No matter how we redeem free moments its important that we use every single moment of the day for God’s glory

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