Missions is Trusting Gods Sovereignty in Stressful Situations

Last month I had a very stressful afternoon:

  1. My computer was having problems, so I decided to restore it (take all documents and software off of the computer so it’s restored to the original condition
  2. The restoration process began properly, but my computer would not allow the software to be reloaded. Without the software my computer was useless
  3. After the software refused to update three times, I was officially starting to panic!
  4. While trying to fix the software problem I left the house to take a walk, and upon returning, couldn’t find my house keys!
  5. I was able to get back inside the house for a spare set of keys eventually, but no matter how hard I looked outside, the keys couldn’t be found

Anxiety is one of the most powerful tools in Satan’s arsenal. This is because he often chooses to send not just one, but two or more stressful events into our lives. Eventually this will get to us, and worry will take over

In those stressful moments we must have solid Biblical foundations to place our faith upon so the anxiety doesn’t overwhelm us.

That afternoon there were two truths I kept clinging to:

  1. God is Sovereign
  2. and He will fix the problem

Allow me to explain….

God is Sovereign: The Lord is in control of every experience (both good and bad) that comes into my life. This means everything has been orchestrated (planned) by God, and it is for my benefit.

My favourite Biblical illustration of this is when Jesus asked the people if they would give their son a stone after he asked for bread. Of course the answer was no! Christ explained that our heavenly father always gives to us “good things.” Sometimes I in frustration ask the Lord why He gave me a “stone” but looking back, I always see it was actually bread.

God will fix the problem: In basic terms this means “there are some problems I can’t fix, and thats okay.” Because it isn’t my job to fix the problems in the first place, that’s Gods job.

Instead of trying to fix something that is out of my control, the Lord would have me respond in trust, simply taking the steps that He leads me to take.

The bottom line is God will work the problem out if I trust Him….

By that evening the computer had finally accepted the new operating software (I breathed a huge sigh of relief) and was working better than ever. But I still no matter how hard I worked couldn’t find those keys!

The next night a friend came by to borrow my car. He stepped onto the porch, and of course you know what he held in his hand…..

the lost house keys

“Where did you find those?” I asked excitedly

He pointed to a small wall beside my gate

I had literally been walking past them dozens of times

While the anxious moments spent working on my computer and searching for the lost keys weren’t enjoyable, the lesson that I learned from them was important.

The Lord knows my problems

and He will work things out in His own time

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