We Need Church More than Ever

Earlier this week I began a series of posts on ministering effectively during COVID. Part one, which emphasises the importance of following safety protocols, can be found here

Last Sunday morning for the second time since the Coronavirus pandemic began, we cancelled church. Both times this was in response to the Prime Ministers asking churches to hold off services for one weekend in order to cut down on large crowds.

This Sunday we will have church

  1. There will only be one service
  2. We will sanitise
  3. Everyone will wear a mask
  4. And a limited number will attend
  5. But we WILL have church!

An important part of ministering during COVID is strictly adhering to protocols because it reflects on our public testimony. At the same time, we defend with all of our might the gathering of the local church.

There is a simple reason for this….we need church more than ever before

Now saying “church is important” does refer to the service itself. But specifically I’m referring to the preaching, and teaching that takes place during church. This explanation of Scripture is always important of course, but more needed today.

Almost all of us have had our faith shaken by COVID. At times so many things are going wrong it can be overwhelming. Preaching and teaching gives us perspective.

  1. It reminds us of Gods character
  2. It reminds us of our standing before God through the blood of Christ
  3. It reminds us that God has a sovereign plan for EVERYTHING
  4. It reminds us that we aren’t alone
  5. It reminds us of our eternal home in Heaven

Though this can be done online, there is something about being near your brothers and sisters in Christ that makes it special. Gathering together while following proper safety protocols brings a deeper attention and focus to what is being said.

In a deeper sense, hearing Scripture proclaimed takes our eyes off of ourselves and puts them on our Heavenly Father, as well as Jesus Christ our Savior.

Though finding a way to do church “safely” is difficult, its absolutely necessary

Because we desperately need church.

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