Missions is….Admitting Something Isn’t Working

Last week was a day filled with “island storms”, which is when the rain will come, and then quickly pass in less than ten minutes. It’s particularly easy to get caught in one of these since they come up with little warning.

I was caught in one without an umbrella so ran to find shelter at a nearby school. Looking out at the pouring rain I had to admit it reflected my discouraged mood pretty well.

God has created me as someone who loves being busy. This fits well into ministry since there’s always something else to accomplish. Yet lately things have been less busy than usual. This is mostly due to the large amount of cases of COVID that affect large groups, and encourage personal safety.

I totally agree with this since following protocol is absolutely necessary. But it can be frustrating when doors of ministry close.

Watching the rain yesterday morning I said verbally what my heart knew……

This isn’t working.

believe it or not, thats actually a very hard thing to say! Admitting my way of ministry “pre-COVID” no longer worked meant going back to the drawing board, and creating something completely new.

To be honest, part of me wanted to keep trying to work out the ministries before COVID because that was more comfortable. I was more interested in personal comfort than being effective.

Thankfully in that moment the Lord reminded me that being effective (accomplishing His work) is more important than how I felt.

A few moments later I walked home in a slight drizzle…the act symbolic of my decision to find a form of ministry that works during COVID.

It is difficult to admit something “isn’t working” but that brings glory to God.

  1. Because you are allowing Him to close and open doors of ministry
  2. Because if the door is truly closed by God, you cannot open it in your own strength
  3. Energy expended on these ministries is wasted time
  4. This realisation draws us closer to God, as we seek His will
  5. The Lord in this situation will call us to take a step of faith, depending on Him
  6. And a life of comfort never truly satisfies

Sitting on my kitchen table is a piece of paper filled with scribbled notes that came during a time of brainstorming and prayer. That paper is foundation of new ministries, and brings anxiety. But it also brings hope, because as I take a step of faith, I know that the Lord will do His work.

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