Missions is…..checking in digitally

I was talking last night with a friend about the affect that COVID had on ministry here. “How are you dealing with how hard it has made ministry?” He asked, I gave him a confused look, so he explained . “I mean how are you going to meet individually with all of those people, and still say safe?”

I smiled at him and said “I don’t”

among the changes in daily ministry here, a great emphasis is placed on digital ministries through texting or phone calls instead of personal visits. The interesting thing is, I’ve seen the Lord use those ministries in a greater way than the face to face meetings.

There are many reasons that texting encouraging thoughts to fellow believers is a powerful ministry, but the greatest is it’s a regular or “constant” relationship.

Personal visits are better because they allow you to give your full attention to the individual. In this time the persons needs can be clearly understood, and Scriptural principles that meet their particular need can be shared. Most importantly, the relationship is greatly strengthened through that one on one conversation.

There is one drawback with the personal visits though…..

You normally only do them once a week

This is why along with personal visits, there must be a ministry of “checking in” on people through text message, or phone calls. Sadly we often overlook this part of ministry. This Is usually because our lives become too busy, or even worse, we don’t think its important

This kind of ministry is vital for the local church because its through this Believers edify, and equip one another. Satan knows this of course, so he gives any excuse he can to keep it from happening:

  1. You don’t have anything important to say
  2. You will be interrupting their important conversations
  3. They don’t want to hear from you anyways
  4. Or you can always check in later 1

The COVID pandemic has focused most of my ministry on texting or phone calls, which means “checking in” is now a big part of what I do. It’s honestly not anything serious:

  1. I share bible verses
  2. A video of a choir singing an old hymn
  3. A quick note written to encourage them
  4. Or a quote, or article that is encouraging

But those brief check-ins have had a deep impact, and now others are sending me their own digital devotionals.

The Lord through this has reminded me constant communication with our brothers and sisters in Christ is a huge part of the local churches ministry.

It is easy to overlook texting because it isn’t as meaningful as a personal visit, however there is a transforming power in a digital relationship focused on helping others grow to become like Christ.

  1. Of course “later” never really comes

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