Missions is…making time for fellowship

Missions is…making time for fellowship

Earlier this week I had lunch with a Vincentian pastor, and missionary who is serving here short-term. It was a wonderful time of fellowship as we talked, shared what was going on in our churches, and encouraged one another.

These afternoons of fellowship are always an encouragement, and challenge to my heart. But to be honest they don’t happen often enough, because fellowship takes time.

True fellowship means scheduling a decent amount of time, and stepping away from your ever growing “to-do list” for a few hours. The amazing thing is even though fellowship with pastors or missionaries is incredibly important, we struggle creating the time for it.

One of the reasons why is ministry keeps us especially busy…but I don’t think thats really the reason.

The reason why is Satan hates christian fellowship

One of the greatest dangers in all of ministry is isolation. I’m not referring physical isolation because ministry means we are constantly around people. I mean isolating our “true selves” 1 from others.

Of course we must be careful not to share our burdens openly with everyone. But there must be a close circle of friends in the ministry who you can share your heart with.

Satan hates fellowship because he knows people who isolate ourselves buy into one of his favourite lies….

your the only one

Your the only one who ever feels this way

Your the only one who has ever made a mistake

Your the only one who struggles with fear or anxiety

The sad thing is the more we believe “your the only one”, the more we will isolate ourselves. This creates a destructive loop which in my opinion has destroyed hundreds of ministries. Because isolation feeds into the deeper sins such as depression, sexual immorality’, and pornography.

Fellowship, on the other hand, brings perspective that proves you aren’t the only one

  1. Other pastors are struggling with the same issues
  2. They don’t have all the answers
  3. and they definitely aren’t perfect

Fellowship does take time and energy, but it is worth every moment, because we are investing in what Satan hates.

  1. Our struggles, needs, personal prayer requests

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