Missions is….Staying Home

Last Wednesday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, raspy voice, and a lack of energy. It wasn’t anything serious, just the beginnings of a small cold that comes form weather changes 1 and my sleeping with an open window.

Normally I’d just drink some tea to soothe my throat and go on about my business. But last week I spent the day at home instead, because the COVID pandemic which demanded that my immune system be strong.

My day at home became what I would refer to as a day of “rest” but its not actually that doesn’t mean resting from work itself, but resting from ministry. In other words, it was spent catching up on things that I had been neglecting.

  1. Like reading  2 
  2. Organising the house, and doing laundry
  3. Ironing cloths
  4. Editing notes for this weeks class
  5. Filing paperwork
  6. And brainstorming future ministry opportunities

These and many other jobs are incredibly important in ministry . The problem is, they are pushed out by the more public forms of ministry.

  1. Like outreach and evangelism
  2. Relationship development
  3. Counseling
  4. Discipleship
  5. And Visitation

The truth is that “home ministry” which emphasises organisation, and preparation is absolutely necessary if pubic ministry is going to be effective. Public ministry can be accomplished without the behind the scenes work, but it will be random  3 and average  4 .

While a day spent at home doesn’t give exciting experiences or stories for the missions newsletter, it lays the foundation for effective ministry.

I ended up feeling better after a morning of meds and hot tea, but stayed home always.

Because sometimes a day spent at home catching up on your to-do list is the most important ministry.

  1. Rain has been coming and going, which means we have been switching between cooler and warmer weather
  2. I was able to finish an audiobook that day
  3. You have no plan
  4. You don’t complete it with excellence

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