Missions is…..Submitting to Chaos

Anyone who truly knows me realises I struggle a lot with patience. I find joy in accomplishing tasks, which is a Godly thing, but that can also dishonour the Lord. Its easy to become frustrated and bitter when nothing gets crossed off my “to-do list.”

I happened to experience two of these frustrating “unproductive days” this week since the paperwork for my Visa 1 and my drivers license are due soon. This meant lots of long lines, paperwork, and running to get cash from an ATM for unexpected fees.

Monday was especially frustrating since the lady at the licensing office I came to see didn’t come to work in time. After getting there a little after seven, I got finished at 10:30 because she came to work around 10:00 instead of eight

Days like this are what Dr. Jordan Peterson refers to as “chaos” 2. They are filled with frantic activity and frustrating experiences, which can easily bring discouragement or bitterness.

Referring to chaos, Dr. Peterson encourages us to “create order” instead of being frustrated or angry. In basic terms, this means slowing down, and doing things the right way.

in chaotic or unproductive days, I find myself becoming impatient, and emotional. As you can imagine, this just makes things worse for me.

In those moments I am doing my best to escape the chaos. But what if that chaos was the will of God for my life?

The truth is, God is at work in my life during the chaotic days waiting on people who were supposed to already be there, just like He uses the incredibly productive days. The difference is I submit willingly and happily to the productive days, while I fight chaotic days tooth and nail.

To give a simple illustration…..I had to pay a fee for the visa extension I forgot about, and didn’t have the cash for it. My mind told me to go home, and bring the paperwork back later even though there was an ATN within walking distance. I just didn’t feel like getting the cash, standing in another line to pay the fee, and taking it to the office.

But think about how much more time would be wasted if I had made that emotional decision!

It is true that God sometimes brings frustrating moments into our lives. Those days aren’t meant to frustrate us however, but make us stronger.

  1. It expires at the end of the month
  2. I finished his book Sunday, so the idea was fresh in my mind

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