Missions is…giving away your jolly ranchers

Once a year I will bring in some barrels around Christmas time since they cost less to clear from customs. Besides my American coffee, the most important item is multiple five-pound bags of jolly ranchers candy.

While I like jolly ranchers, they aren’t really for me. Instead they are rewards for children who come to church, or work with me during the week. They’re also given out to adults along with Bible tracts

This year I brought fewer bags than usual, knowing that I’d start running out sooner. This led to a pretty important choice:

Do I give out less and make it last longer? Or give them out generously and run out faster?

Interestingly, my first thought was to give out as few jolly ranchers as possible so my stash could last longer .

In other words, I was greedy

Think about that for a minute……

I was selfishly hoarding candy!

You may be wondering “why would he be greedy about giving away candy?” And there’s actually a very good reason for that. You can’t get jolly ranchers here 1.

Isn’t it amazing how generous we are with things that can easily be replaced, and how greedy we are with something that we cannot replace?

thankfully the Lord convicted me of my ridiculous candy-hoarding habit, and I began giving out my jolly rancher stash generously. It will be gone soon, but thats okay, other local candies can replace them.

The Lord reminded me through this experience just how important it is to have a spirit of generosity towards others. An attitude that gives willingly and abundantly to those who deserve it.

This spirit of generosity searches for those who have a genuine need, honours those who are doing the right thing, and encourages those who may not have as much as others.

In a more basic sense this generosity understands God wants us to willingly give away everything….even our jolly ranchers! It is the one thing that we cling tightly to with a closed fist that He will lovingly ask for.

  1. Technically you can, but the ones sold here are very old, and not good quality at all

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