The God Who Orchestrates the Small Things

Its been almost a month since I flew from St. Vincent to the States for surgery on both of my eyes for cataracts. Strange feelings filled my heart as I left SVG. On the one hand I was excited to be getter those surgeries done, on the other hand I was very nervous.

Because of the cataracts sight in both my eyes (especially my left one) was severely compromised. I’m pretty sure I was legally blind in the left one. The problem is going through airports and customs often involves reading signs, which it was incredibly difficult for me to do.

Specifically I was worried about two things

  1. Getting through Immigration in Miami
  2. And finding the gate for my connecting flight to Richmond, VA

Finding the gate for my flight is what really bothered me since often its necessary to take shuttle busses, and read lots of signs before finding the right place.

The first answer to prayer was the immigration at Miami was shockingly not very busy! There was an added blessing since with my bad eyesight, I accidentally got in line for non-US citizens. That however actually was a blessing since reading the screen on their machines would have difficult.

After retrieving my bag, and going through security, I checked the gate for my departing flight. Fully expecting to spend a lot of time getting there, I noticed my flight left from gate D42, and then turned to see where I was.

I was standing at gate D5!

In about ten-minutes I was sitting at my gate, and thankful for God guidance in my half-blind state.

This experience reminded me of the small ways that God orchestrates things for us

  1. He planned for me to come at a time when Immigration wasn’t busy
  2. He planned for me to accidentally come into the non-US citizen line
  3. And He planned for me to come out ten-minutes away from my departure date

That got me thinking how many times God orchestrates situations in my life, but I am too busy, or distracted to notice

The thing is, whether we notice it or not, God is constantly working things out for us behind the scenes. Often it isn’t as obvious as my situation, but it’s just as important. Because it shows God genuinely cares about the big, and small situations of our lives.

My experience in Miami has reminded me its important to slow down, and think of just how many things God orchestrates for my good each day. And then to worship Him for His constant goodness.

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