When Ministry Is Boring

For the last week, my “office” has been a small kitchen table at the house my father was born and raised in, lovingly called the “West Virginia House.” Being here with my parents as the medical furlough comes to an end is a time of rest, relaxation, refocusing, and making of memories.

It’s also very boring

before you get upset, let me explain what I mean by “boring.” Ministry (and missions is particular) emphasises activity. Becoming involved in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development keeps a person very busy! Before my cataracts began to bother me, most of my day was spent going from one place to the next, ministering to people.

“Boring ministry” is a season that emphasises mental work, prayer, and personal reflection instead of constant activity. Obviously this is incredibly necessary. But sadly because we aren’t actively “doing things” it can be viewed as wasted time.

NOTHING can be farther from the truth!

The interesting thing is you cannot do active ministry properly without those periods spent studying and planning.

There are many reasons why the boring seasons of ministry are precious, but let me share a few

  1. You do big things: I have completed notes for a college-level Eschatology class during the medical furlough, and am working on notes for a class on the Major Prophets covering 180 chapters of Scripture! This took lots of reading, typing, and working on a computer. Time I could have never created in an already busy schedule
  2. You get perspective: A common problem in ministry is that you need to take a step back in order to see things clearly. I’ve done a lot of thinking lately about how to reach the people of SVG lately while helping my dad work in his garden.
  3. You can hear God: Now of course God doesn’t speak in an audible voice. Yet often we can get so busy we aren’t paying attention to how He is leading in our lives. Its in the quiet moments of life we can hear Him the clearest.
  4. You will come back stronger: A personal goal of mine is that the John Wilburn who returns to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will be much stronger than the one who left. I’m not just referring to my eyesight, but to have a deeper walk with God, and a more focused purpose. Personal development takes time, but it’s well worth the time spent.

Part of me wants to dive back into the work of SVG, and thats okay. But at the same time I gladly submit to the boring days of ministry, since its often in those God does the greatest work.

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