We All Need a “West Virginia House”

For the last three-weeks, I’ve been staying with my parents at the small house that dad was born and raised in. It is a time of rest, while making memories with family.

it also involves lots of staring at a computer

In September classes begin for the Fall semester at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean. I’m excited to teach two classes that semester. One on Eschatology, and another on the Major Prophets (covering Isaiah through Daniel).

Because cataracts hindered my eyesight, I couldn’t do serious work on it till my second eye surgery was completed on July 15. I’m incredibly grateful basic Eschatology notes that gave a starting point, but there was still much left to do.

We pulled onto my parents property that we lovingly call “the West Virginia House” on July 21. Since that time, I completed notes for Eschatology covering 141 pages with 120 study questions. And with the Lord help, by Sunday the Major Prophets notes covering 180 chapters of Scripture will be done (I am at 155).

This amount of work is a testament to the power of a quiet place free of distractions, and a season of study.

Because my parents only spend a few months a year in West Virginia, the internet is incredibly slow, and you only get the most basic tv channels. This is frustrating when we are used to fast internet, and lots of entertainment. But when there are big jobs to do (like put together college classes), it’s ideal.

The longer I’ve spent in the “West Virginia House” the more I appreciate the quiet moments that can be used for study. Moments that you rarely get in the fast paced ministry life.

In three weeks I will return to Saint Vincent, and excitedly jump back into day to day ministry. But every once in a while I’ll catch my breath, and fondly remember the “West Virginia house”. And the Lord is reminding me during this season that there needs to be a “West Virginia House” in SVG. A place that emphasises quiet study instead of constant activity.

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