Fruit Takes Time

This morning I walked through Apple, Pear, Peach, Cherry, and Pawpaw trees.  Most of these trees were planted around ten years ago by dad with my help.  It’s interesting that it took years before those trees actually bore fruit.  We had our first harvest from the peach trees this summer almost eight years after planting them!

Ministry is a lot like planting fruit trees.  We know that the fruit will come, but it takes lot of hard work, and patience.  If we had our way the fruit would grow up overnight!  But that kind of fruit would the result of our own effort instead of the Holy Spirit calling souls to Christ through the preaching, and teaching of God’s word.

It isn’t usually the flashy or emotional minister who reaps the harvest.  It’s the one who quietly does the work of God faithfully over the years, motivated by the fact that God will eventually bring fruit #missionarymusings

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