God Wants You!

Last weekend I was back in Winston Salem. North Carolina. The town that I called home since the age of twelve. Just for nostalgia, we drove by the house I grew up in, and took a picture.

A flood of memories come back as I think about that house, but one stands out above all the rest.

One Sunday night in 1992, Dr. Wayne Fulton, pastor of my church was preaching on the need for men and women to take a stand for God. If memory serves me correctly, he referred to the well-known quote. by Charles Spurgeon. “The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to him. By God’s help, I aim to be that man.”

As he preached the Holy Spirit challenged me to become one of those people who were completely committed to God.

My response to God was absolutely not!

As a child I struggled with whats commonly called “low self-esteem.” The truth is I was just more introverted (which is fine) but I bought into a lie of Satan that God couldn’t use someone like me. So when God challenged me to serve Him (what later became a call to missions), I told Him to find somebody who has more ability.

I can remember having an argument with God all the way home about why He couldn’t use me. Of course I knew that wasn’t true, the fact was obeying god scared me, and I didn’t want to leave my “comfort zone.”

About an hour after getting home I went into my our patio, knelt beside a whicker chair, and gave God control of my life.

Since then, the Lord has done many incredible things through me. And I’ve seen over and over again success in the eyes of God isn’t based on our ability, but our submission to Him.

The point is we often see missionaries or pastors who never get weak, or struggle in any way. So it’s easy to step back and let the truly “gifted people” do the work.

Nothing is farther from the truth…..

My friend God has an incredible plan for your life, and wants to do amazing things through you. He WANTS to use YOU!

Give Him control….you won’t regret it

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