A Life of Quiet Excellence

Being on a medical furlough has given me a lot of time to think, and plan about future ministry opportunities in Saint Vincent. This helps a lot because it allows me to slow down, and focus on specific goals that I want to achieve .

During this prayer and planning phase, my mind kept going back to the words “quiet excellence.” This gives the idea of someone who is consistent and faithful (quiet) and gives 100% to everything that they do (excellence). So I’ve decided to make “quiet excellence” my personal, as well as ministry goal.

Quiet excellence is also a reminder for me, that in the eyes of God, consistency is much more important than activity.

I say this because activity focuses on “being busy”, while consistency focuses on long-term results. And finishing the work God has given.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy of course, but most of the time an activity emphasis means you burn out quickly.

I can remember going for a run with my brother once. I’d lost lots of weight, and wanted to see if it was possible to actually get home before him. For the first mile and a half of our three mile run I left him in my dust. But at the mid-way point I started hurting. Finally by mile two I was forced to start walking, and soon was passed by my brother running a consistent pace, and with a huge smile on his face.

Consistency doesn’t attract the attention that activity does. But it goes farther at an even pace, and accomplishes much more in the long run.

The thing about consistency is its simple, but not easy

James Clear, author of the awesome book “Atomic Habits” gives a very simple (but at the same time difficult) approach to consistency.

  1. Do Less: Focus on one main thing instead of trying to do many things at once
  2. Do it Now: Don’t allow yourself to become distracted from accomplishing that one thing
  3. Do it Right: Keep working till its done right

Consistency isn’t glamorous at all….its just repeating that process over and over again over many years.

But it has an incredible impact

I believe at Judgement Seat of Christ where Believers receive crowns to lay at the feet of Jesus, the honour won’t be given to the “successful.” The greatest blessing will be given to those individuals who faithfully did the work of God day in, day out, whether people noticed or not.

And I desire to be one of those consistent people

Not because to bring honour to myself…..

But so that the work I can do on this earth can be used to worship my Saviour.

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