Confidence is Not the ABSENCE OF FEAR

Last month I went with my brothers family to a local amusement park.  Before even arriving in the States my fourteen year old made me promise to ride the three scariest roller-coasters with her.  As we got to the park, and realised what I’d promised,  part of me wanted to back out.  

But I got on anyways.

One of the most powerful lies that Satan uses to defeat Christians is “wait till you aren’t scared.”

Well I’ve got news for you….

You never stop being scared!

In reality confidence isn’t the absence of fear.  It is having a motivation stronger than that fear.  The desire to make a memory with my niece was stronger than the fear of being on that roller coaster.  But we have a much more powerful motivation than that, the presence of our Heavenly Father.

God never promised to take away our fear.  He did promise to go with us through that frightening situation.  And a lot of the time that thing you feared so much will actually bring happiness #missionarymusings

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