Missions is Taking a Break, So You Can Come Back Stronger

In just over two weeks (August 28) I will return to Saint Vincent. I’m incredibly excited about this, and have entered my “anxious energy” stage, which will soon be followed by my “pacing back and forth like a tiger in a cage stage.”

This is a good thing because it shows Gods has given me a great burden to serve in SVG. And though America is my home, it’s no longer the place where I “feel at home.”

The desire to leave is growing steadily because my eye surgeries got finished much faster than expected. The surgeon did the first one nine days after seeing me, and the second seven days after that. Truthfully I could have left already!

But there are important reasons why the Lord gave me extra time in the States

  1. So I could spend time with family
  2. To work on College Classes
  3. To reconnect with friends

And the most important reason is so I could come back stronger.

The Truth is, I didn’t just need a break because of the cataracts. I needed a time to unplug from day to day ministry in order to refocus on the Lord, and evaluate my personal life, as well as ministry. It’s possible to do this while on the field, but quite difficult because of the distractions.

The Lords reminded me recently breaks from ministry are a very important part of ministry……

Because you come back stronger.

  1. Someone who has identified, and removed unhealthy habits
  2. Someone who is focused in their ministry (doesn’t try to do everything)
  3. Someone who embraces physical, as well as spiritual health
  4. Someone who approaches ministry with a renewed energy

The funny thing is in my mind breaks from ministry are bad things because taking a step back for rededication and evaluation doesn’t involve lots of “activity.” However that short-time away amplifies the strength of future ministry.

The Lord through this experience has reminded me breaks from ministry need to become a greater part of my daily life. So with His help, I’ll find ways to take a step back while on the field.

Because it’s better to take a step back and refocus every once in a while, than to burn our completely

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