A Bridge of Balls

Thursday afternoon I began looking for balls that I could deflate, and put in my luggage for the return trip to SVG.

Now to some of you a football or soccer ball may seem unimportant….

But they are actually priceless ministry tools.

One of the first lessons I learned as a missionary is relationships are incredibly important. These relationships are what I like to call “Gospel bridges.” The goal of this bridge isn’t to share the Gospel right away (though I’m willing to do that), but to connect with an individual, and develop a true friendship with them. Over time, the Lord will give “God moments” that can then be used to share the Gospel in a direct way.

The thing about Gospel Bridges is they aren’t “one size fits all.”

  1. A Gospel Bridge can be giving someone a job, and paying them well
  2. It can be a bowl of rice and chicken
  3. It can be a listening ear, and kind words
  4. It can be a ride to the grocery store
  5. Or it can be an afternoon playing at the park

Of course you cannot build bridges with everyone (I wish I could!)

So you have keep your spiritual eyes open….

The Lord often brings individuals into our lives who are struggling, or open to the Gospel. It’s our responsibility to notice those people when they come, and then begin building a bridge.

God allowed me to begin building a Gospel Bridge with a man in the community a few years ago. It began with his washing a neighbours car, and me jokingly asking if he would wash mine. A few Saturdays later, we negotiated a weekly price, and I officially became his client.

Since that time we’ve had many conversations about the Lord, many counselling sessions on my porch, and Bible reading sessions. Today he faithfully attends church, and isn’t saved yet to my knowledge, but the Lords working on his heart.

These kind of bridges aren’t easy

  1. They take lots of time and energy
  2. Satan will attack you, as well as the individual
  3. And you have to be very patient

But it’s worth the work.

There is a brother and sister who live across the road from me. We had a good relationship going before my cataracts slowed daily ministry down considerably. Because of that and the time away because of the medical furlough, now that ministry needs to be rebuilt with playtime, and Bible stories.

May the Lord help me search for hungry hearts, and do whatever it takes to build a Gospel Bridge towards them.

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