Grace for the New Day

One of the most beautiful things about Saint Vincent is their sunsets. Almost every night I can turn towards the sky around 6:30 in the evening, and taking a breathtaking picture. One of the best spots is in a community just over the hill called “Peters Hope.”

The sunsets do more than just give something beautiful to look at though….

They remind me that God gives grace for each day

Scripture teaches us that Gods mercy is “new every morning” (Lamentations 3:23). If the Lord tarries, we will be blessed by God with a new day to serve Him.

This gives hope every day, but especially on those days when we fail the Lord.

On Easter Sunday morning 2017, we had a sunrise service at our church. While walking to that service the sun actually began to rise early, creating an incredible sight.

That sunrise was especially meaningful to me because I’d had a rough week. Everything just seemed to be going wrong. Seeing that sunrise was Gods way of saying to me, “yes you made some mistakes, but today is a new opportunity to serve me.” (Editors note: The mistakes didn’t deal with sins, just foolish decisions).

When we fall (and we will) Satan wants to cripple us with shame. A feeling of embarrassment that keeps us from ever trying to serve the Lord again. But God calls us to pick ourselves up, and try again.

The Lord never called us to be perfect, but He did call us to be Faithful.

So we must allow even our failures to draw us closer to God

  1. Own your failure (don’t sugar-coat it)
  2. Confess any sin that needs to be confessed
  3. Repent (turn from) sinful habits, and make things right if necessary
  4. Turn to the Lord for restoration
  5. And move forward

May the Lord never allow the failures of the past to affect our present service

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