Courage is Not the absence of fear

Last Tuesday I spent the day with my brothers family at a local amusement park.  It was a great experience, and fun way to start ending the medical furlough.  Part of what made it great is the lines were incredibly short since kids were back in school, so we got to ride everything at least once.

On a few of those rides however, I closed my eyes…..

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the ride itself, but the anxiety and nerves about it were a bit too much to handle.  One ride in particular brought us into a dark area, and then without warning would drop us.  I was fine till we got into the dark area, but from that point on my eyes were tightly shut.

Towards the end of the day, I went with my brother and niece to catch our last rides of the day.  As we passed the “eye closing ride” I started getting really worried they would want to ride it again.

Of course they did!

As we were getting in I confessed to them that this ride really scared me at parts.  But as It started, I committed myself to not closing my eyes during the whole ride.  

Here’s the interesting thing….

It wasn’t scary at all!

Yes there was a bit of concern, but after going through the ride one time, I was more confident the second time.

It’s the same way in daily life.  When we face our fears (even with our eyes tightly shut) it gives perspective, and they aren’t so scary next time.  

So face your fears dear friends, and don’t worry if your eyes are shut.  They will be open next time.

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