Missions Teaches Me God Shows Up in My Darkest Moment

Friday morning my bags were packed, weighed, and standing in the garage waiting for my flight to Saint Vincent. I went to have coffee with a missionary friend excited about boarding a plane and going back to the Caribbean early Saturday morning.

There was just one thing left

A negative Covid test

For obvious reasons that I totally understand, the St. Vincent Government requires a negative Covid test before entering the country. This test, referred to as a PCR, takes twenty-four to forty-eight hours to complete. This test must be taken no more than three days before leaving.

Thursday morning I took the test, and began checking my email, as well as the clinics website for my test results.

When they weren’t there by 12:00 Friday afternoon I started getting nervous…..

When they weren’t there by 6:00 Friday evening I got really scared.

in hindsight, it would have been better for me to go to a clinic that guaranteed results within 24-hours. By Friday evening there was nothing I could could do about that however. Before going to bed that evening I made plans with my parents to go to the airport at the regular time, and if the PCR wasn’t there, reschedule the flight for next Saturday since the SVG flight only happens once a week.

I woke up early Saturday with a pretty bad attitude to be honest that didn’t have a lot of faith. After checking the email for results (there were none) I decided to check the clinics website one last time.

To my incredible joy, it came in during the night!

I personally believe the Lord allowed me to use a clinic that didn’t guarantee 24-hour results (though I definitely will use one next time). He did this to give me yet another illustration of His redemption.

The Lord takes great joy in redeeming us in our darkest moments, when we have given up hope. This way the glory is given only to Him, because we ourselves have lost faith.”

I’m reminded of the disciples when Christ sent them out onto the sea while He prayed. During the night, a huge storm came up that threatened to kill them, then in the early morning Christ came walking to them.

The disciples thought they had already died and said “it is a ghost!” But then they heard the voice of the Saviour saying “it is I, be not afraid.”

I’m also reminded of another storm Jesus calmed for the disciples. Then He turned to them and asked “where is your faith?”

It is sometimes the Will of God that we endure setbacks, and we should be prepared for them. But I was reminded (and convicted) yesterday morning on the way to the airport that its in the darkest moments God shows up.

And we should be looking for Him.

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