strong spiritually, emotionally, mentally, AND physically

This is a picture taken of me and my brother before I went through security Saturday morning (I got permission to crop him out).  This picture is precious to me, but also clearly displays I’ve gained A LOT of what I call “American weight.”  Probably twenty pounds!!!

I don’t worry about that because I’ll lose it soon on the field.  Actually, I’m planning to KEEP ten pounds of my “American weight” while serving in SVG.

Why would I do such a thing?

Because it makes me stronger.

Along with spiritual health, and emotional health, it’s important for all of us to also keep in mind our physical health.  It does little good to have a clear calling from God if my body is too physically weak to accomplish His work.  Specifically, physical health means that my body is at 100% so that I can do the Lord work with all of my energy.

During the medical furlough I started having some trouble hearing from my right ear.  This was part of a nagging physical issue I’d been having for some time.  It was still possible to understand people most of the time, but on occasion, I struggled hearing if they were on my right side.

I honestly wanted to put it off since ministry could still be accomplished.  But the more I thought about it, the more God burdened me to make sure I returned 100% physically.  Thankfully a visit to an urgent care clinic on Wednesday was able diagnose the problem, and I can hear clearly in both ears now!

There is nothing wrong with spiritual health, we must strengthen our souls on a daily basis.  But while strengthening our souls, we must strengthen our physical bodies as well

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