The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

Sitting on my desk as I write is a cup of coffee brought up to my room with breakfast.  Thankfully the coffee and food is good, because I’m currently quarantined in a hotel room.  I’m allowed to step onto the porch, but leaving the room in any way is a breach of quarantine protocol.

In a way it’s frustrating being so close to ministry, yet being held back.  In my car I could reach Barrouallie in about 45 minutes on a Sunday from the hotel.  Yet my heart has peace this morning, because the Lord is giving me an opportunity to take a deep breath.

Ministry can be overwhelming.  Particularly when you’ve been away for eight-weeks like me during my medical furlough.  The temptation is to dive headfirst into the deep-end of the pool in order to “make up for lost time.”  

There is glorified when we do His work aggressively of course.  But this can easily wear you out physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So sometimes its necessary to step back, and take a deep breath……

I’m thankful before going to Barrouallie tomorrow Gods given me a day to participate with my brothers church online, read, write make future plans, and watch some football 🙂

Yes there are moments I’ll pace back and forth this room today like a caged tiger ready to become actively involved in ministry.  But I know the deep breath before the plunge makes that future ministry more effective. 

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