The world needs workhorses, and surgeons

One of the best memories of my medical furlough (second only to days at an amusement park) was time with my mom and dad at the small home my father was born and raised in.  

And the best ones revolve around work…….

The Lord allowed me to complete lots of projects with mom and dad

  1. Getting in most of the garden
  2. Setting up a new internet system with my brothers help
  3. Digging up, and removing the satellite dishes from the old internet system
  4. Putting up a fence around our fruit trees
  5. And canning lots of vegetables

These projects would be fun by themselves, but the true blessing is they allowed me to use my gifts the right way.

The Lord has created me as a “workhorse” who focuses on doing jobs with all of his strength.  I’ve seen the Lord use this character trait countless times on the mission field, and it’s a great blessing.  However, there are times when you need to think and plan before you do the work.  

Thats where a “surgeon “ comes in….

Surgeons are people who think things through very carefully before acting.  My dad and brother are born surgeons.  At times this can be frustrating (especially for workhorses like me) but experience has taught me things work best when surgeons and workhorses do a job together.

Technical jobs like putting up the fence, and setting up the internet made careful planning especially necessary.  So I (the workhorse) helped with the planning process slowly and carefully, and patiently waited till the surgeon decided it was time for me to step in.  

The point is that creates us unique.  It is in His sovereign plan that I be a workhorse, while dad and my brother are surgeons.  This in no way means they’re more important than me, or I was more important than them.  It’s just how we are created.

The beauty of the Gospel, and the church is when those unique individuals join together in order to complete a job for God’s glory.

Unity is not the absence of diversity, it is diversity unified by Christ. 

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