Missions is Enduring Bad Days

Wednesday was a bad day!

It didn’t start out that way. Actually I was feeling pretty good after two exciting days of teaching an Eschatology class with lots of great discussion. But mid-way through hour two, I began to lose all energy.

By the end of class I felt like I’d been run over by an eighteen wheeler!

After getting home, the rest of the day revolved around taking pain meds, and staying in bed.

It’s easy sometimes to have a romanticised view of ministry. We see missionaries or pastors as individuals who are always confident, and never have a bad day. But that just isn’t true!

Bad days are a part of the christian life, so we must prepare ourselves for them.

Occasionally a bad day can sneak up on your like it did for me on Wednesday. But in most cases, its possible to be ready for those discouraging experiences.

Thursday morning I was ready for the loss of energy that got me down Wednesday. In this case the preventative measure was drinking almost an entire pot of coffee while teaching. Thankfully my energy stayed strong, and we had a great day.

Throughout the years I’ve actually learned to rely heavily on coffee, prayer, taking with family, and extra rest on bad days. It’s not always possible to keep the discouragement from coming, but I can have a healthy way to deal with it.

It would be nice if every day was perfect. But in this sinful world, we will become discouraged sometimes.

Thankfully God gives grace to face those bad days, and a new day brings us renewed hope.

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