Missions is Losing Your American Weight

A few weeks after coming back from my medical furlough, I came to the Bible College in order to deliver some things. The school secretary hearing my voice walked out to say good morning, but when she saw me stopped, and her mouth dropped open.

“You look…different” she said slowly.

I smiled and said “you mean fat!”

Since that time the majority of my the weight I gained during my time in the States has been lost. The header picture was taken last weekend, you can compare it with the one taken the morning I flew back to SVG below.

Step one of the losing my American weight (slimming down) is close to complete, so I’lll shortly begin step two which focuses on strength training.

Missions has taught me that effectiveness means having a strong body, mind, and spiritual life.

It’s interesting that the discipline of physical strength is often overlooked. But a strong commitment to the Lord (spiritual life) and vision for ministry (mental life) is little good if my body is out of energy after a short walk.

For me personally having a strong body is hard because being skinny here is easy 1. But there is a difference between being skinny, and being strong.

The strength training of losing my American weight is something I’m definitely not looking forward to. It revolves around a home exercise program that hurts a lot! But over time that pain will build stronger muscles, that can climb the hills of Barrouallie with the Gospel of Christ.

So the strength training starts today

Because life’s too short to do Gods work with a weak body

  1. You walk a lot, and sweat in the hot sun

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