Missions is Checking In

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a kitchen after teaching an eschatology class when a friend in Barrouallie called. She asked if everything was okay because I hadn’t been by to see her as usual on Monday.

I apologised to her, and explained the class kept me from visiting regularly. After hanging up I put my face in my hands and groaned.

There’s a lot of things I do very well, communicating with people isn’t one of them. It isn’t that I don’t want to communicate, usually I just forget to do it like a few weeks ago. When life gets busy, communication with others through text, or phone call doesn’t seem important.

The problem is it’s incredibly important

During the global pandemic people just don’t gather as much as they used to. This means it’s easy for some individuals to be suffering, and nobody knows.

I recently was having a conversation with a friend who was frustrated that friends don’t check in on each other anymore

  1. They don’t call to see how things are going
  2. They don’t make sure they have necessary things like food
  3. They don’t come to visit

Now more than ever before its important to make a habit of “checking in” with people

And often thats through a phone call, or text message.

Checking in digitally is a small thing, so it’s easy to think it doesn’t make a difference at all. But we have all had friends whose text message, or quick phone call have brightened our day. Or got that call out of the blue to say “I’m praying for you.”

These loving messages are a HUGE form of ministry!

I put my head in my hands because I kew that I’d dropped the ball…..

A sister in Christ had been waiting for my weekly visit, and I never came.

She was waiting for my usual text messages, but her phone was silent.

I’m grateful for the conviction God brought to my heart that moment, because it reminded me just how important daily affirmation and encouragement online is.

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