Missions is Reading the Bible Slowly, and Repeatedly

Last month I read the short book “how to eat your bible” by Nate Pickowicz. It’s an excellent resource on basic homiletics (how to study the Bible), but his main point is what made the book so powerful for me.

Pickowicz shared how like many, his devotional life used to be dry, lifeless, and inconsistent. He had no love for Scripture! After God convicted him about this, he went home and opened a MacArthur study bible his father had given him.

In it he found what John Macarthur’s Bible reading program that focuses on reading a book of the Bible every day for thirty days.

Here’s how he explains it……

“My method when I was in seminary was to read 1 John every day for thirty days. You can do it this way, too. The first day just read 1 John all the way through. It will take you only 25 or 30 minutes. The idea is to read it through the first day, then on the second day read it through again; on the third day, read it through again….Basically, this is what I do all the time. As I prepare messages, I just read through the particular Bible book over and over again until the whole book fills my mind in a kind of visual perception. I would also suggest that you take a three-by-five card and write down the major theme of each chapter.” – How to Study the Bible, pages 111-112

The author in his book breaks this reading program down to taking around seven years.

I know what you’re thinking…….

How could I take seven years to read the Bible???

The beauty of this program is the goal isn’t just reading the Bible through, but actually internalising, and meditating on what the Bible says.

Pastor Pickowicz throughout the book says reading the Bible through in a year is a good goal. However to do this, we usually end up reading very quickly. He explains it as “glancing a truth”. So it’s easy for the busyness of the day, or other issues to push that truth from our minds.

However reading the same passage every day for thirty days is closely examining the truth instead of just giving it a casual glance. Over that time, we will begin to understand everything that book teaches, and be able to apply it to life.

Sunday I finished my 30-day reading of 1 Timothy, and began 2 Timothy (started slightly late). After doing this for a month, along with the author, I can tell you Scripture becomes sweeter as you meditate upon it more.

Reading the Bible through in a year is not a bad goal.

But for those who have done it many times, closely examining Scripture one book at a time is a better goal

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