Missions is Filling Your Own Cup

Last Thursday I came home from teaching the last session of an Eschatology class, shut the door, and didn’t come back out!

Thats a bit abnormal since I’m usually out doing ministry in the community. When afternoon ministries started back Monday some were wondering where I went, but most said “oh he’s teaching at the college.”

The thing is they are used to me not being around during College classes…….

Because they drain me not only physically, but spiritually

Teaching in a way that glorifies the Lord takes a strong mind, energetic body, and passion for the Truths of Scripture. This means your physical cup (personal health) has to be filled, but your spiritual cup (devotional life) must be full as well.

It is possible to teach without a strong devotional life. But the lessons will become lifeless, and worse than that done in your own strength.

Paul David Tripp in his excellent book “Dangerous Calling” explains the danger of studying the Bible for a sermon instead of personal life change.

He found himself in his devotional time coming up with lots of information for an upcoming sermon he would preach. As he left the room, God convicted his heart about focusing on what he would say to others instead of what the Lord would say to him.

Tripp explains this as one of the greatest dangers Pastors face. Studying Scripture (coming up without outlines) instead of actually meditating upon Scripture

It’s possible to have a head full of knowledge, but a heart that is distant from the Lord.

Last Thursday with the Lords help I filled my cup

  1. With a nap
  2. Something good to eat
  3. And time with the Lord

Because only a heart that is full can truly impact lives for God.

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