Missions is Taking the Hard Road

This week I finished reading “Your Future Self will Thank You” by Drew Dyck. It’s actually my second time reading the book, read it first in December 2019, but honestly think I enjoyed it more the second time.

The book itself is excellent because it focuses on a problem that we receive little Biblical teaching on….self-control.

One of the refreshing things about this book is Dyck openly admits he has terrible self control when it comes to eating habits, and how much time he spends online. The book itself shares the lessons he learned on the journey towards self control.

What struck me while reading the book is how many times the author referred to himself as “lazy.” This is interesting because he is a published author, bible teacher, and seminary graduate. All of these things are hard work!

So obviously he couldn’t really be lazy right?

Well actually, the answer is yes

The laziness that he refers to isn’t one of inactivity. It’s one that chooses to be safe, or comfortable.

He explains that many choices in life offers us an easy, and hard road.

The easy road is to do what’s comfortable for us

The hard road is doing whats right, even though it’s painful.

That got me thinking. “How many of us would fit with that definition of lazy? How many prefer what is easy instead of whats right, but demands lots of work?

Your hand should be up right now….because mine is

The application to life and ministry is very clear. We would rather be safe than successful.

This is a problem because God rarely lets us stay where it is safe.

As I returned from my medical furlough in September the Lord had given me many personal and ministry goals to pursue. But a few weeks later, I found myself stuck in the same old routine! This is because my sin-nature craves what’s safe and comfortable instead of a life focused on doing more for Christ.

I’m thankful the Lord used Drew Dyck’s book to remind me though my heart longs for comfort, God calls me out of my safe place.

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