You Cannot Reach Everyone


There was a boy in the community of Barrouallie who absolutely loved my cat! The cats name was “Winston”, but he would always either refer to him as “whiskers”, or “kitty.” He would often come by to visit, look around, and ask “where’s whiskers?”

As I shared the Gospel with him, God began to deal with his heart. This ended in him asking the Lord to save him one Saturday nigh!

I wish I could tell you he remained faithful to the Lord…but he didn’t.

Almost overnight this boy who loved my cat so much turned into someone who had an explosive temper. He refused to listen to anyone (not even family) and eventually stopped coming by.

For a while my heart broke over this young man because he turned away from the Lord. A part of me even felt as if my ministry with him had been a failure.

That’s when the Lord reminded me you cannot reach everyone.

This young man had a choice to make. He could serve the Lord, or let anger control. He chose anger and it destroyed his life. Though this is incredibly sad, the blame for this is upon him. HE is the one who made the decision!

Experiences like cannot discourage us from doing the work of God. Instead we focus on reaching as many people as possible. And allow the condemnation to fall on those who have rejected Christ.

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