The Blessing of Veteran Missionaries

Thanksgiving 2016 was one of the most enjoyable experiences during my time in Saint Vincent. Veteran missionaries Alan and Beverly Berry, who had served in SVG over twenty-eight years, invited me over for Thanksgiving lunch.

I was TOTALLY unprepared……

I have NO IDEA how Mrs. Berry made a traditional thanksgiving lunch in Saint Vincent complete with turkey and stuffing. But I am very happy she did!

We ate, talked, ate some more, laughed, drank coffee, and of course then ate some more.

Coming home that afternoon (with leftovers of course) I was reminded how important it is to have missionary co-workers on the field. Especially veteran missionary co-workers

The thing about missions is it can discourage you. And the only person who can truly understand the challenges of a missionary is other missionaries! Those who have walked gone through the same experiences, and can help you see God working in them.

Today the Berrys are actively involved in ministry within the US. And I will be eternally grateful for their ministry of teaching, exhortation, counsel, and guidance within my life.

And of course feeding me way too much.

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