The Quiet Morning Hours


I am not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the first years of ministry in SVG, I became a morning person!

Before coming here, I was most definitely NOT a morning person! I was the one who you’d have to drag out of bed at the last minute because we’d be late for school.

A part of that is because the sun rises earlier here (5:30 am) but there’s actually a much more important reason.

Life (and ministry especially) is exhausting as you hustle from one project to the next. By the evening you’re completely exhausted from a day of busy activity.

This is what makes the quiet morning hours so important

Those quiet hours allow us to prepare ourselves emotionally and spiritually for the busy day ahead of us.

  1. Through Scripture reading
  2. Prayer
  3. Focusing our mind on what God wants us to do
  4. And simply enjoying the silence

I’ve learned to love the quiet morning hours because thats when I make sure my own spiritual cup is full. And when my cup is full, then I’m able to properly minister to others.

Whether its the morning hours or another time, may the Lord help us remember the importance of filling our own spiritual cup.

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