A Relationship of Text Messages

Thanksgiving 2016 was great not only because I got to have some wonderful fellowship with missionaries, but because I got to spend time with family (though just by FaceTime).

Technology like smartphones are an amazing tool for communication with friends and loved ones back home. I can remember as a missionary in 2007 the only way to communicate with my parents was through Skype once or twice a week. And even that was a huge improvement over the past!

This technology allows me to make phone calls, text, and do a video chat anytime of the day from SVG!

This blessing also convicts me because it shows just how shallow of a relationship I have with friends back home. Too often our communication with loved ones is a basic text every once in a while, or contact when we really need something.

The Lord indeed calls me to connect with friends in Saint Vincent instead of clinging to the American culture. But at the same time, I must not cut ties with those who are praying for me back home.

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