Caring about the Insignificant Things

In May a friend from my home church asked if there was anything she could send for me personally in relief barrels to help those affected by the volcanic eruption in SVG.

It only took me two seconds to answer her text…..

Send coffee!

coffee for me is something that I’ve learned to enjoy. Particularly American coffee since you can only get a few basic brands here, and I am admittedly a “coffee snob.”

Almost every year when my Christmas barrel comes in there’s a TON of coffee from America. And often friends or prayer supporters donate to my yearly “coffee stash.”

That coffee is a beautiful thing…..

Not just because I enjoy it, but because it shows loved ones in the states are interested in my needs, and want to meet those needs. Even one as trivial as having good coffee to drink.

At times it’s easy on the mission field to become too “needs focused” so that every post or email asks for money. But it’s also possible to take up the opposite extreme by not asking for anything at all.

Both of these are sinful.

The Lord has blessed me with family and friends in America who truly care about my personal needs. For them giving and helping is a form of worship (and love). So when the Lord opens doors to share needs (even the trivial ones) to deny them the opportunity to show love is extremely selfish.

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